Potential Savings

The reduced operating of the Ekoheat boiler means the payback period is minimised, this is for three reasons:


The design of the boiler body and the heat exchanger is manufactured as to extract the most energy from the flue gasses and put it into the water jacket of the boiler and as a result to the heating system itself. The Ekoheat boiler considerably reduces flue gas temperatures, thus achieving the best performance in the market for its category.


The Ekoheat heat exchanger has an electronic control that determines the amount of air required according to the quantity of fuel that is provided, so as to achieve the necessary temperature in the body of the boiler. This creates unbeatable burning characteristics, especially at reduced power levels.

As it can operate at a reduced power regime, major consumption savings are possible because boiler power levels can modulate according to the needs on the heating system.

Economical Fuel

Biomass is an energy source that is commonly produced within the internal resources of the country. It is not subject to major speculative pressures or to the large tax costs incurred with electric energy or fossil fuels.