What safety features are fitted as standard on your boilers?

Ekoheat boilers have many advanced safety features as standard.

‘Burner cut-out’ cuts off fuel supply when any error occurs due to burner anomaly or excessive temperature in the burner fuel supply.

When an insufficient flame lux level is detected by the boiler’s photocell during a certain time lapse ‘No flame cut-out’ occurs, and the burner and its fuel supply will be cut off.

Whenever the water in the boiler reaches a temperature of 110 ºC Temperature safety cut-out occurs.

When this cut-out occurs, the boiler digital display will switch off and the electrical supply to the electronic control will be cut off. All the boiler devices will switch off.

Can I replace my existing boiler but use my existing heating system?

Yes, Ekoheat boilers can be connected to your existing heating systems. However, you may need to consider space required for fuel storage etc.

What size boiler do I need?

Ekopower’s authorized installer will size the boiler as part of the site survey. The boiler size is dependent on factors such as heating requirements, age of building, type of existing system, purpose for use, floor space insulation level etc…

How often will my boiler need servicing?

This will depend on the boiler usage. Usually you will only need to have an annual service on your boiler which must be done by an authorised Ekopower installer.

What types of fuel can I burn?

Ekoheat boilers are designed to burn EN-Plus (or VIN-Plus) certified wood pellets only.

What about ash removal and cleaning?

Ekoheat boilers are all automated and therefore the ash removal is collected into a specially designed ashtray that needs to be emptied approximately every 2 months. If you use the Ekocompress system with the boiler the ashtray may only need to be emptied twice per year.

How often will I have to re-fuel the boiler or refill the fuel storage?

This will be dependent on fuel storage capacity and usage rates. This will be calculated on the quote provided.

How long after purchase will the Ekoheat boiler be installed?

This varies dependent on delivery time of boilers and equipment, as well as the requirements of the client. An estimated installation date will be provided by our approved installer on each quote.

How long does an installation take?

Installations vary depending on site situations. A small domestic installation could take just 2 days, or over 2 weeks for a large commercial installation.

How much does a Ekoheat boiler cost?

The cost of supplying and installing each system is dependent on each situation. Our installers can provide you with an estimate after taking a a site survey. We pride ourselves on being one of the best value wood pellet boilers available on the market today.