• Ekosupply

The Ekosupply is a fully automatic pellet vacuum system, installed as an accessory, which by using a spinning wheel (pellet mole) and vacuum unit, can retrieve the pellets directly from an external bulk pellet source and in to the Ekoheat’s small hopper.

The Ekosupply system can transport the pellets from as far as 25 metres from the small hopper, depending on the heights of the piping.

Ekoheat’s S – Hopper is designed for this system, which means that you can just change the hopper’s top plate and it’s ready. 

Ekosupply’s safety relay ensures the system shuts down if anything goes wrong or there is no pellet supply available. 

If there is no space in the boiler room or there is difficulty with access to deliver pellets, you simply put the Ekosupply wheel in the external bulk pellet source and lead the flexible pipe through the wall to the Ekoheat’s small hopper.

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