The pellet is a wood based granulate fuel made from sawdust shavings. The pellets are compressed without additives as the natural components of the wood are sufficient for the compacting process. Thanks to the fact that it is a fuel made from wood waste, it is a natural source of energy which is ecological and cheaper. Due to its high calorific potential, the use of this new fuel as an alternative energy source is on the rise in many European countries, where hard winters are the norm.


The quality standards for pellets specify the permitted amount of moisture content, as well as the density and required abrasion level, so as to establish the precise values for the boiler to run effectively. To achieve good combustion and ensure that the boiler operates efficiently, pellets made in line with the DIN plus or the EN plus standard should be used. The reduced operating of the Ekoheat boiler means the payback period is minimised. This is for three reasons:


The design of the boiler body and the heat exchanger is manufactured as to extract the most energy from the flue gasses and put it into the water jacket of the boiler and as a result to the heating system itself. The Ekoheat boiler considerably reduces flue gas temperatures, thus achieving the best performance in the market for its category.


The Ekoheat boiler has an electronic control that determines the amount of air required according to the quantity of fuel that is provided, so as to achieve the necessary temperature in the body of the boiler. This creates unbeatable burning characteristics, especially at reduced power levels.

Automatic Operation

The solution to automatic feeding of biomass boilers is resolved with pellets. This type of fuel can be used with mechanical & vacuum feeders that can use the most modern regulation and control systems. These boilers ignite the pellets automatically without the user having to play a direct part.


The storage space required by pellets is far less than the amount needed for wood. There are also different storage options for pellet storage depending on the space available.