• Hi Ekopower. Happy customer giving my feedback after one year with my Ekoheat 2500 Boiler with 330Kg Hopper. I have found the boiler a very clean unit in use, with a simple, robust and well engineered system. After an initial teething issue due to the flue, the boiler has run without any issues. Support was brilliant, both my local agent and Home office in Denmark are very helpful. I have found the system very efficient, with minimal preventative maintenance required. A fortnightly top up of the hopper contents, a monthly clean of the ash pan and burner unit. The system is very easy to maintain.I have replaced the ignitor and carry out a full clean down with the in-depth instructions in the manual. Heating a new build 290SQM approx. house for the entire year is approx. 3 tonnes of pellets about 900 euro in bags.
    Ian Kelleher, Kildare, Ireland 05/11/2014
  • Hi Ekopower.Just a short message from a satisfied user.I had an Ekoheat 900 installed on 6th November 2012. I had used an oil boiler since 1979 previously. I have a standard house 265m2 with good insulation and use the boiler for central heating and hot water. The pellet boiler is installed in the house, but hopper is outside the house. The external auger comes through the wall. Previously the oil cost per year € 3000 and now the pellets cost €1100. I have changed 3 igniters and had some small start-up problems, but Ekopower's technical support visited in November to solve these.In general I am a very satisfied costumer.
    Birger Slot, Denmark,
  • My mission was to find a pellet boiler, which takes care of itself, with a minimum of maintenance, as well as fitting my demands, that is the boiler should be “living room” clean and not make any mess, because our boiler location is inside our house. The mission was completed, and I believe that I got value for my money, especially the compressing ashtray and the automatic cleaning – these features I not will not be without again. I was really very nervous about changing my old oil boiler, but I shouldn’t have been! I can only recommend it.
    Ole V. Olsen-Hoerning, Denmark
  • I bought a Ekoheat 1500 pellet boiler 8-9 months ago and its working fantastic from the start. No problems and good support from Ekopower before the purchase. Our heating expenses have dropped by more than 40%, compared with our old gas boiler. The boiler does not cause pollution or noise and has in general been a pleasure to use. Can warmly recommended.
    Hans Dinesenn, Denmark